Cory’s parents never told her what was inside her locket, or that someday, someone would come looking for it. When pirates posing as dinner guests raid the manor, Cory flees aboard the family airship. Alongside her brother, a maid, cook, and one cantankerous butler, she races one cloud ahead of the pirates to reveal the locket’s secret.

As they sneak inside Father’s airship factory and explore a hidden country estate, Cory finds her jewelry isn’t the only secret her parents were keeping. In her twelve years, she’s never met a maid who can pilot an airship, or a cook who knows every hiding spot from the coast to the caves. But it’s the butler who worries her most. He never takes his eyes off the locket.

The only one making sense is her senseless brother, who suspected the servants all along. To unriddle the truth and save their parents from the pirates, Cory must choose: trust the servants to unveil the locket’s power, or master its magic by herself.

THE ASHBY MANOR TREASURE is a middle grade adventure that imagines the manor of DOWNTON ABBEY in the manner of PETER PAN. It is a work in progress.

Read the first 250 words here.


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